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Allan Adkin


Brock University

School of Kinesiology

Balance is an important requirement for many of our daily activities. Little thought is normally given as to how we control balance until a problem emerges or until we are faced with a situation that challenges or threatens our balance. My research program is focused on understanding the interplay between the different neural mechanisms, such as the emotional, cognitive, and sensory-motor systems, underlying balance control. This information can provide direction for the development of strategies to better assess and manage balance problems and falls in older adults and individuals with musculoskeletal or neurological deficits.

Research Interests

  • Investigating the effects of anxiety and fear on balance control strategies.
  • Examining the effects of attention focus on balance control strategies.
  • Exploring the relationship between anxiety, attention focus, and balance control when threatened.
  • Investigating the effects of balance training on psychological and cognitive outcomes in older adults.