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Taylor W. Cleworth

Postdoctoral Fellow

Schlegel-UW Research Institute for Aging

Dr. Taylor Cleworth is an AGE-WELL Postdoctoral Fellow in the Safety Flooring Lab at the RIA. Taylor received his PhD from the University of British Columbia in the Neural Control of Posture and Movement Laboratory before joining the RIA. Along with cluster member Dr. Andrew Laing, Taylor’s research interests involve reducing falls and fall-related injuries in older adults within residential care facilities. Taylor is using real world data to support the implementation of safety flooring and virtual reality applications within Schlegel Villages. Specifically, epidemiological and computational modeling approaches, in combination with safety flooring and virtual reality technologies, are being used to support the implementation of these applications in efforts to reduce the risk of fall-related injuries. In addition to his research at the RIA, Taylor is affiliated with the Injury Biomechanics and Aging Lab at the University of Waterloo, where he conducts research to understand the neuromechanical mechanisms related to increased fall risk in older adults.