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November 26, 2021

Osborne Center Unit 2, G1
6108 Thunderbird Blvd
Vancouver, BC V6T 2A1

Thanks to all the trainees that made it to our abstract writing workshop!

On Novemeber 26th the OBDAF Cluster workshop coordinators hosted a peer-review session for conference abstracts. Trainees from labs across the cluster got together to discuss effective abstract writing strategies, and reviewed abstract drafts in small groups. Feedback from other students in different research areas was useful in forming strong abstracts covering a variety of topics in balance control and falls. We thank the trainees that were able to attend, and we hope the session was useful for future abstract submissions!

Summer conference abstract submissions are right around the corner!

Preparing an abstract for an upcoming conference but unsure where to start, or want some feedback from your peers? This workshop will provide an opportunity to get feedback from peers to help you write an effective conference abstract.

This workshop will be in the form of a small group peer-review session, so make sure to bring a few printed copies of your abstract draft. The workshop will be geared towards those who are currently planning on submitting an abstract as it will be focused on providing and receiving feedback in small groups, but all are welcome to attend. This is also a great opportunity to meet trainees from other labs within the cluster!

Event details:

OBDAF Cluster Trainee Workshop Series: Abstract Writing for Conference Submissions

Date & Time: Friday November 26th at 3pm

Location: Osborne Center 2, G1 (In-person)

Registration link: