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Dr. Courtney Pollock awarded New Frontiers in Research Fund

Cluster Member Dr. Courtney Pollock has been awarded a New Frontiers in Research Fund to support her project aimed at developing and applying innovative technology in order to improve and individualize the rehabilitation of walking balance post stroke.

Designed by the Canada Research Coordinating Committee, the New Frontiers in Research Fund (NFRF) supports international, interdisciplinary, fast-breaking and high-risk research. Over the next 5 years, the NFRF will invest $275 million in supporting such research. Dr. Pollock is part of the 18 UBC researchers with five years or less of experience since their first academic appointment who were awarded a total of $4.46 million from this fund. 

Dr. Pollock’s research aims to comprehensively understand the fundamental mechanisms of motor control of walking balance and balance reactions, and to determine how neurological changes associated with aging, disease and injury impacts these aspects of motor control and mobility. This award will undoubtedly contribute to the overarching goal of her research which aims to advance rehabilitation practice. The cluster would like to wish Dr. Pollock and her team success with the project and we look forward to the results!