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Deborah Jehu

Assistant Professor

Augusta University

Interdisciplinary Health Sciences

College of Allied Health Sciences

Dr. Deborah Jehu is an Assistant Professor in the Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Department at Augusta University. Her research aims to generate new insights into 1) refining therapeutic interventions; 2) refining falls-risk assessments; and 3) providing a better overall understanding of cognition and mobility in aging populations. She has worked with a wide variety of aging populations, such as: healthy older adults, and older adults who fall, as well as those with total knee arthroplasty, Parkinson’s Disease, stroke, mild traumatic brain injury, and mild cognitive impairment.

She has collaborated with researchers, interdisciplinary healthcare professionals, health authorities, and industry partners across the world, which has provided her with a unique perspective on fall prevention research. Her research has implications for treatment and monitoring strategies as well as understanding fundamental concepts of cognition and mobility in aging populations. Trainees interested in working with Dr. Jehu should contact her directly.