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Romeo Chua



School of Kinesiology

Faculty of Education

My research focus is centered on the study of human perceptual-motor control. The long-term objective of this research program is to understand the neurobehavioural mechanisms underlying the sensory and perceptual contributions to the preparation and execution of goal-directed actions. The research program is motivated by longstanding interests in issues pertaining to 1) the volitional and automatic control of visually-guided action, 2) the mechanisms underlying motor preparation, and 3) the processes underlying sensorimotor adaptation and learning. A current objective of my research is to investigate the principles that govern the sensorimotor adaptation of goal-directed actions in the face of systematic perturbations to the sensory/perceptual environment and/or the effector machinery. The capacity of our sensorimotor system to adapt – to detect and correct movement error, to refine our actions and adjust to changing conditions in the environment and/or neuromuscular system – is important to act upon and interact with the world. The aim of this research to further our understanding of sensorimotor adaptation.